Workshop 3 : Chemotherapy Administration

3 October 2012

Moderators : A. Pannatier, P. Hild, S. Ferrari

Moderators : A. Pannatier, P. Hild, S. Ferrari

This workshop is the result of a two-stage process:

  • First, we donned our journalists’ hats and interviewed a pair of physicians and nurses specialised in oncology at three different hospitals. Each interview was split into two stages:
  • In the first stage, we asked the interviewees to tell us about the chemotherapy administration issues they encounter in general.
  • In the second stage, we asked them to tell us about the issues they encounter regarding two complex protocols: R-CHOP and Folfirinox.
  • We then used this information to draw up a map of the parameters to be managed, the risks to be avoided and, more generally, chemotherapy administration issues.

The workshop’s participants will use this map to engage in a group discussion on the topic of chemotherapy administration issues, validate its content and attempt to find solutions to the problems discussed. Together with the participants we will also look at the results of an evaluation of the administration practices in use at one of the hospitals.

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