Who are we ?

Hospital Pharmacists, University teachers, research workers decided the creation of GERPAC in 1998 from the “Isolators Users Club in Hospital Pharmacy”.

The purpose of the GERPAC association is to promote the techniques and skills needed for the development of biological and physico-chemical protection in the hospital pharmaceutical environment where toxic drugs are prepared.

In addition, GERPAC also covers procedures for the preparation of sterile and non-sterile medications through various pharmaceutical forms (injectable forms, oral forms - both dry and liquid - and forms for local administration).

In 2016, the journal Pharmaceutical Technology in Hospital Pharmacy, (PTHP) was created. It’s the first international journal dedicated to all aspects of pharmaceutical technology in hospitals.
PTHP is now indexed in Elsevier’s Embase® database

In 2019, it has been decided to retain the acronym GERPAC with the following subtitle: "European Society of Hospital Pharmaceutical Technologies".
GERPAC is a learned society whose aim is to promote scientific knowledge at European level in order to be a source of expertise in the field of Hospital Pharmaceutical Technologies, pharmacotechnology, galenic pharmacy and associated quality controls, particularly in drawing up recommendations for good practice, research development, initial training, continuing professional development

GERPAC’s mission is based, among other things, on training, scientific advice, expertise, communication, dissemination of recommendations and the organization of conferences and scientific days.

In this perspective, GERPAC is keen to promote training for pharmacy staff through a training and information Platform E-learning (training oriented Quiz space) including virtual reality simulation tools and access to GERPAC publications Documents space.

Discussion forum

GERPAC provides for its members a discussion forum specifically devoted to technology in hospital pharmacy

Access forum

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