Video tutorials: integration in the assurance quality system of the Pharmacotechny sector

6 October 2017

N. Duret-Aupy1, P. Breton2, M. Emonet2 1 CHU Angers, 4 Rue Larrey, 49100 Angers, service de Pharmacovigilance, France
2 CH Blois, Mail Pierre Charlot 41016 Blois, Pharmacie, France


To make quality documents more accessible and more ludic, we decided to film video tutorials.
The goals of this study are: defining a methodology for the realization of video tutorials, quantifying the time necessary to make said tutorials, offering procedures that are clearer and easier to understand and making the redaction of said procedures easier .

Materials and Method

The study took as base a pre-existing procedure: “Sterilization modalities of an isolator”. The written procedure was converted into a video script. The length of the video was estimated as well as its potential segmentation. Framing, sound and lighting tests were necessary before filming and editing. The filming device chosen was a smartphone (easy to use and good image quality); the editing was done with Windows movie maker (free software). An internal youtube channel in streaming is used for diffusion. The chosen actor was a pharmacy preparer.


The initial procedure consisted of 2 pages of text as well as 2 annexes and was converted into 3 videos lasting between 45 seconds and 1.5 minutes. The videos are short for more impact with incrusted text to point the viewer’s attention towards key points of the procedure. The video quality obtained with the smartphone is decent but the image is not always stable and could be improved by using a selfie stick or a stand. The estimated time to make 3 videos is 10 hours, half of it being the editing.

Discussion - Conclusion

Video tutorials in pharmacotechny sectors seem to offer ludic, more visual and more accessible quality documents. However, even though filming is accessible to anyone with a smartphone, it is very time-consuming to pick up the skills necessary to correctly edit the video; to make it legible enough to be impacting. The next step would be to create e-learning modules or even Massive Open Online Courses with this type of videos.

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