The computerization of Paediatric Hematology oncology protocols is it possible? State of play of computerization in the reference centers of the French Society of cancers of the Child (SFCE)

9 October 2015

D. Couderc, A. Jourand, A. Venet, Y. Perel, J. Grellet , D. Breilh Pôle produit de Santé
CHU de Bordeaux,
33076 Bordeaux, France


The prescription and administration of anti-cancer drugs (ACD) are high iatrogenic risk acts. Some specificities exist in paediatric onco-hematology practice and potentiate this risk. Computerization is a recognized way to secure the drug therapy (DT), but the computerization of pediatric hematology-oncology is it possible?


To provide an overview of computerization practices DT in pediatric hematology-oncology reference centers (SFCE).


An observational multicenter with questionnaire study was conducted in SFCE reference centers. The questions focused on the modalities and the completeness of deployment of the computerization of the DT in paediatric onco-hematology department and the degree of adaptability of the software used to the peculiarities of paediatric protocols.


the circuit of ACD is computerized in 100% of the centers. "Home made software " still represent 28% of the softwares. For 100% of the centers, prescription, pharmaceutical validation and preparation are managed by software . 52% of centers perform a computer traceability administration . The injectables ACD are included in software to 100% , oral ACD : 62%, hydration: 52%, the premedications: 66%. The choice of protocols by decision tree is functional in no center. Finally, the informatic settings to adapt to the age and the child’s weight is developed in only 50% of centers


This study revealed common computerization issues, however, the solutions are highly diversified and have very variable and rarely optimum security levels. In addition, commercial softwares seem to provide a very partial adaptation to paediatrics, so tools ’home made’ not certified are maintained in a risky activity.

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