National survey on current and expected training / accreditation of pharmacy technicians (PTs) in

23 November 2020

Pauline Nardone1, Marie Darrodes2, Frédéric Beau3, Priscilla Feistl3, Corine Anquetil4, Cécile Wilkowsky4, Cécile Breuil4, Muriel Arsène1, Simon Rodier1 1 : CH d’Alençon, service Pharmacie, 61, rue de Fresnay, 61000 ALENCON
2 : Hôpital Foch, service Pharmacie, 40, rue Worth, 92150 SURESNES
3 : Centre François Baclesse, service Pharmacie, 3, avenue du Général Harris, 14 000 CAEN
4 : CHU de Caen, Service Pharmacie/UPC, 14, avenue Georges Clémenceau, 14000 CAEN

A lot of educational tools and methods are currently used in French health establishments (HE) for pharmacy technicians training in RCUs. However, accreditation is poorly described. The aim study was to identify training materials currently used and to assess needs of PTs and pharmacists concerning training for taking up a position (TTPP), accreditation (A), continuous training (CT) and rehabilitation (RH).

A national survey was carried out through the creation of 2 online questionnaires, one intended for PTs, the other for pharmacists responsible for RCUs. They were transmitted by email via learned pharmaceutical associations / societies during 4 months (from October 2019 to February 2020).

133 PPH and 42 pharmacists participated. Only 37% of PTs said they were accredited to work in RCU,
while 83% of them would like to be. Crisis management simulation, during less than 2 hours, is the tool that seems to be of most interest to PTs for TTPP (97%). An interest in mentoring (93%) and carrying out real preparations (90%) was revealed, for periods of use greater than 30 hours, but less attraction for e-learning (62 %) or educational games (54%). Pharmacists seemed to prefer mentoring (98%),
observation (93%), and procedural simulation (93%) for PTs in FTTPP. They also seemed less interested in e-learning (79%) and educational games (57%). About CT, PTs and pharmacists would be more interested in practices exchanges / feedback and participation in conferences (95% and 90%), and would all like to use it once a year. Crisis management simulation was requested by 91% of PTs,
wishing to use it annually. PTs desire to use e-learning and games was in harmony with their declared use, as 64% and 48% respectively wanted to use them. For continuous training, pharmacists wanted to use e-learning (83%), real preparations (57%) and games (55%). More than 90% of PTs and pharmacists found HR necessary, especially after a prolonged stoppage of activity. The main impediment mentioned by participants in the training and accreditation deployment was the lack of time.

Discussion / conclusion
According to the literature, few PTs are accredited for tacking-up in position in RCUs and even fewer benefit from HR. The agreement of preferences about educational tools and use duration between PT and pharmacists seems an advantage for their implementation. According to this feedback, a standardized training model adapted to PTs and pharmacists needs could therefore be proposed as a "framework" for others chemotherapy reconstitution units in France.

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