Musculoskeletal disorders: personnel monitoring and use of Romeo® handling aid

4 October 2023

M. Mellou, J. Robert, J. Sorrieul, C. Devys
Institut de Cancérologie de l’Ouest site Paul Papin, Angers, France

The increased activity of our chemotherapy production unit (CPU) has consequences: musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). After a first study on MSDs in our cancer institute in 2021, preventive measures have been put in place: shift rotation per half day and Romeo® handling aid (HA) acquisition.
What is the impact of these measures on MSDs evolution in our pharmaceutical technicians (PTs) team?

Material and Method
A descriptive observational study was conducted from January to March 2023.
14 PTs of our CPU answered two questionnaires:
* Nordic Questionnaire: allowing to make an inventory of pains and discomforts felt by location.
* Borg CR10 scale: evaluating the risk of MSDs occurring according to three workstations: control station, without Drugcam® and with Drugcam®.
A PTs subgroup which responded to the questionnaires in 2021 was extracted and the 2021 results were compared with the 2023 results by non-parametric statistical test (Fischer’s exact test and Wilcoxon test). A questionnaire on ROMEO® use was created and submitted to PTs.

Compared to the 2021 results, 3 more PTs had shoulder and wrist/hand pains in the past 12 months. Nevertheless, the increase is not statistically significant for any location. The evaluation by Borg’s scale reveals an increase in pain after half a day of production for all locations and for all workstations in 2023. Unlike 2021, more areas were significantly more painful after production: for Drugcam® station left arm, for control station lower back and legs as in 2021 and for all three stations shoulders and right arm. As for ROMEO® use only 2 out 14 PTs use it regularly, for large volume preparations. A relief in pain has been noted since ROMEO® use for the 2 PTs. The main reasons of non-use are loss of time (45.4%) and poor ergonomics of the device: heavy and bulky (72.7%).

The 2021 measures appear insufficient in coping with MSDs. However, non-parametric tests have low power and require large differences to be significant. In view of a low ROMEO® use, an awareness action on MSDs and a training on ROMEO® will take place. After discussion with other user centers and the supplier, an optimization of our dose banding production is planned with slots reserved for ROMEO®®use for large volume preparations. Finally, a follow-up using the prevalence and CR10 indicators will be set up to monitor the trend of MSDs.

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