Knowledge of a Chemotherapy Production Unit: « Et toi, Tu te mets combien? » ®

23 November 2020

Cazin M1 , Nachon P1, Vigne F2, Beausir A1, Fournier C1 1 Centre hospitalier de Lens, Lens, France
2 Hôpital Belle-Isle Groupe UNEOS, Metz, France

In recent years, training tools have multiplied: videos, digital tools, quiz…. Each having their advantages and limitations. Many of them are designed by pharmacists for pharmaceutical assistant in hospital (PAH). However, each agent, regardless of his function (including our courier-qualified service agent [QSA], has questions and/or concepts that they consider important to teach to other members of the team. Therefore, it seemed interesting to create a new original educational tool together.

Primary objective
To create a fun training tool, reachable to the whole team, in the form of a board game. The rules are based on the board game “Tu te mets combien ?®”, where each player assesses their abilities to correctly answer questions on various topics.

Materials and method
Each team member could drop questions in a question box, which enabled us to develop a database. No advice had been given regarding the focus of the question theme. 5 themes were defined by the analysis made by a resident and a pharmacist. Cards were then separated by topic (3 questions per card). Each color on the card (or square) correspond to a theme. According to the game rules: “when one of the players lands on a square, he has to answer one question written on a corresponding coloured card. The player chooses between three questions worth 1, 3 or 5 points, then moves forward of the same number of squares if he answers correctly”. Some “Surprise” squares are designed to spice up the game. The first player to reach the last square wins the game.

135 questions were put in the box: 10% by the QSA, 55% by the 7 PAH and 35% by the 4 pharmacists (including 1 resident). 3 classic themes defined themselves: products, medical device and controlled atmosphere area (CAA), accounting for over 44%, 15% and 16% respectively. Participants created questions according to their knowledge: 58% of the “product” questions were created by the PAC. The QSA made 50% of the “CAA” questions, which is a major part in his job profile since he accomplishes decontamination missions, products, and bio-cleaning aid. The topic “general knowledge” (17% of questions) addresses broader questions, for example: “what precautions must be taken when a bottle is broken?”. The team was also curious to learn more about medical concepts (ectopic pregnancy, myeloma....). The “clinical” theme (8% of the questions) therefore turns out to be an excellent lever for programming easy and appropriate additional training, going beyond preparation.

This game allows individuals to conduct self-assessment , and to broaden their knowledge to the entire circuit of preparation by covering as many concepts as possible. This tool will evolve based on evolution in practices and recommendations, and it will offer endless possibilities to continue to improve the knowledge.

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