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11 novembre 2010

C. Chambers Acting President de l’ISOPP, Alberta Cancer Board, Calgary, Canada

In 2003, ISOPP established a new Standards Committee. Three co-chairs were appointed from different ISOPP regions

  • Thomas Connor (USA)
  • Robert McLauchlan (Australia)
  • Johan Vandenbroucke (Belgium)

Existing regulations, guidelines, standards or recommendations from around the world were examined prior to starting work on an ISOPP Safe Handling Standard. A structured database, a web-based tool allowed committee members from around the world to enter data and access information over the internet. In 2004, the committee co-chairs presented the results of the analysis of the database to the ISOPP secretariat and it was decided that work could proceed into the next phase of writing an ISOPP Standard for the Safe Handling of Cytotoxic Drugs. Writers with different areas of expertise were chosen for different chapters of the Standard to ensure coverage of all items examined in the database.

Ten ISOPP members were actively involved in the writing of the Standard :

  • Albert-Mari Asuncion, Spain
  • Thomas Connor, USA
  • Sylvie Crauste-Manciet, France
  • Harbans Dhillon, Malaysia
  • Dianne Kapty, Canada
  • Robert McLauchlan, Australia
  • Ioanna Saratsiotou, Greece
  • Graziella Sassi, Italy
  • N Victor Jimenez Torres, Spain
  • Johan Vandenbroucke, Belgium

Drafts of each section were reviewed and discussed by the writing team as well as a reviewing group, consisting of members from Mexico, Japan, Singapore, Canada, Belgium, Germany and South Africa. Not everyone will agree with every detail given in the final document, but the Standards Committee considers this Standard “Evidence Based” in some parts and “Best Practice” in others.

2006 the draft of the resulting standards were presented to the membership with the ability for the entire membership to provide comments on these standards. The final standards have now been edited, updated and are scheduled for publication in our official journal, JOPP in 2007. These standards with fulfil the need for timely access to a consensus of our peers internationally for the safe handling of cytotoxic agents.

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