Implementation of fluorescein test in the initial and continuing training for pharmacy technicians at the oncology pharmacy at Brest Hospital

6 October 2017

N. Rioual, B. Rey-Rubio, C. Loeuillet, N. Mugnier, V. Cogulet Pharmacy, Brest Hospital, France


Currently, in our oncology pharmacy, technicians receive a theoretical and practical training. They are evaluated using an evaluation sheet incorporating the good handling practices of the unit.


Evaluate the feasibility of a routine fluorescein test for the training of pharmacy technicians.

Materials and methods

Context: strong weekly activity, manipulation under overpressure isolator, ultraviolet unsterilizable lamp.
Principle: simulation of antineoplastic preparations (syringe and infusion bag) with fluorescein sodium 10 mg/ml.
Operating mode: unsterile fluorescein, 4 preparations per pharmacy technician, 2 hours test maximum because of the strong activity, in unsterile isolator. Tested during 2 weeks, 2 pharmacy technicians per session, verification of the compliance with handling procedures by a pharmacist or a resident.

Results - Discussion

We observed the presence of fluorescein on the sterile drape and the gloves for all technicians and 2 technicians contaminated their needle bin. Concerning sachets containing preparations, half of the infusion bags were contaminated and none of the syringes.
The predicted test time was exceeded because bio-cleaning and bio-decontamination were necessary after the test.


This work has sensitized the pharmacy technician to the risks of chemical contamination. We plan to integrate this test with the initial and ongoing training for technicians by improving the manipulation of sterile fluorescein and use sterilizable ultraviolet lamp that would prevent us from contaminat the isolators. Thereby, the test would be more easily integrated with our production activity, the objective being that the whole team can benefit from it. Another axis of training to be developed with the fluorescein test is the media fill test to sensitive technicians to microbiological risks.


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