Evaluation of the adaptability of a team of pharmaceutical assistants to an organisational change in the quality control of chemotherapy IV bags

6 October 2017

M. Bourhis , M. Friou, C. Giard, M. Bourquin-Lafay, I. Ferry, L. Escalup Institut Curie, Hôpital René Huguenin - 35 rue Dailly - 92210 Saint Cloud


In order to make the production process of chemotherapy IV bags more efficient and more secure, hospitals seek to modify the way quality control is performed within the production process. Quality control changes from a double visual control to an analytical control. This involves multiple changes in the production process that the pharmaceutical assistant (PPH) must adapt to: advanced production, preparation of the chemo IV bags in series and independent quality control. We tried to assesse the ability of PPHs to modify the preparation process of chemo IV bags with the aim to support and improve the training of PPH teams.


PPHs were individually presented the changes in the production process they must implement. They were then given a questionnaire to complete. This questionnaire was validated by a engineering consulting firm specialised in social studies [1]. It contains 10 items to grade between 1 and 5. The final score (sum of all the points multiplied by 2) allows to split PPHs into four groups of adaptability. The objectives to achieve and the means to do it have been defined.


All PPHs (11/11) answered the questionnaire, 2 (8%) were found to have an excellent adaptability, 2 (18%) an above average adaptability and 2 (18%) a good adaptability. 5 (45%) scored below 75/100 and would need extra training. The average score was 75/100 with a standard deviation of 16/100.


This original study highlights the need to support PPHs facing these changes. A multiple-step transition is required on top of theoretical training. First, the analyser should be used in parallel with the visual quality control so that PPHs learn to use the analyser and improve the homogeneity of their samples. Visual control should then be slowly phased out. Crucially, the transition time should be tuned to the adaptability of the PPHs.

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