CIVAS : Centralized IntraVenous Additive Service

20 août 2021

I. Kramer (Mainz - Germany)
P. Le Brun (Leiden - The Netherland)
F. Sadeghipour (Lausanne - Switzerland)

The risks and errors related to the preparation of injectable medicines on a ward or at the bedside are numerous. The standardisation then the centralisation of preparation and reconstitution by the hospital pharmacy make it possible to reduce these various risks and errors. In addition to the preparation of parenteral nutrition and doses of anticancer chemotherapy, many other treatments can be moved to pharmacy preparation, such as antibiotics, antiemetics and pain treatments. Consequent equipment is necessary ; the production of a CIVAS is economically acceptable only if we produce a minimum quantity of units in order to make the investment for equipment profitable. The reconstitution of intravenous treatments by a centralised intravenous additive service (CIVAS) guarantees the chemical stability and the microbiological quality of the ready-to-use injectable medicines and contributes to the quality and the total management of the care of the patient. During recent years, the update of hospital oriented GMPs enforce us to review our standards and implement more rigorous procedures. In this workshop, we will have an overview of the regulations for CIVAS preparation in our hospital pharmacies and we will discuss a case study to improve our understanding of the implementation of a CIVAS product.

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