Assessment of an online training tool for the Automated unit-dose Dispensing System (ADS) process

24 October 2018

Marie Hamon , Flora Capelle, Raphaël Passemard, Anne Dory, Bénédicte Gourieux Hôpitaux Universitaires de Strasbourg, Service pharmacie stérilisation


Automated unit-dose dispensing system (ADS) of oral solid medication is a complex and sensitive production process in the drug supply chain. Hence, an appropriate training of hospital pharmacy technicians (HPT) is essential. A basic training (observational and practical) of 3 weeks is first organized to evaluate the HPT, followed by an interview with both the pharmacist and the HPT chief. The importance of the human factor (daily routine and repetitive tasks) showed by the risks analysis within this process has led us to search new learning methods to keep the team engaged. An e-learning training was selected in order to further complete the HPT initial training but also as a continuous training to the HPTs who are already working in the ADS process.

Process and methods

The e-learning tool was developed using the Google® platform and includes four theoretical training modules (Google® Slides): Module 1 "General organization", Module 2 "Automatic preparation machine", Module 3 "Repackaging" and Module 4 "Non-automated drug dispensing". Each module ends with a self-assessment (Google® Forms). Various teaching materials are included: links to institutional procedures, videos, photos, quizzes, simulations ... A minimum of 75% of correct answers is requested to validate each module. The e-learning, once final, was validated with a new HPT and with five HPTs already in place for more than a year. A satisfaction form was available at the end of the training.


The 6 HPTs obtained a general average of 17.75/20. The most successful modules were 1 and 4 (average per module: M1 = 18.5/20; M2 = 16.8/20; M3 = 17/20; M4 = 18.7/20). For module 3, two HPTs scored below 75% and therefore had to pass this module again. The average time to complete this training was 1.5 hours. HPTs are 100% satisfied with the training and the teaching materials used.

Discussion / Conclusion

The e-learning tool fit well with the initial training and the continuous training of the HPTs. Its set up is simple. The duration length spent on the training is shortened for both the pharmacist and the learner. This tool is tailored to the learner needs and constraints. It allows the integration of playful and interactive teaching tool which were appreciated. An audit will be conducted to assess the impact of this training tool on the overall ADS process.

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