Workshop 4: Validation of a training program for the operators in the preparation of injectable drugs in a zone with controlled atmosphere

2 October 2013

Moderators : Y. Huon, CHU de Liège - P. Rohrbach, CH Verdun - J.M. Canonge, CHU Toulouse

Moderators : Y. Huon, CHU de Liège - P. Rohrbach, CH Verdun - J.M. Canonge, CHU Toulouse

Context: in 2008, a GERPAC workshop had presented an experiment of quiz for self-assessment of the knowledge in a unit of preparationtion of cytotoxics. The public present had shown its interest for this tool, wishing to see it given to the largest number. Last year we discussed about the question of practical tools to assess the training and you answered positively to the question "Should GERPAC support the development of these tools ?"
That is why a workgroup was formed and wishes to ask you validating the tool during the workshop, before showing it on the GERPAC web site.

Goal: we wish to review with you the 9 chapters actually realized (about 10 proposals in each) to validate the relevance and estimate the user-friendliness of this tool. The tool contains chapters of theoretical knowledge (questions with multiple choices) and paragraphs concerning the practice (photos illustrating the gestures of the operators). We also wish to question you about the best way of developing the quiz in a purpose to participate in the post graduating education which is mandatory in the majority of our countries.

Progress of the session: an active participation (unknown person) by means of an electronic vote will allow you to test the whole Quiz. So, we can verify that the questions are well understood and that the proposed answers do not give to controversy. When unexpected answers will be supplied, we would try to understand the cause. We shall also ask you for ideas as for new questions or for new chapters to be approached.

Expected results: at the end of the workshop we shall have validated all the questions which will then be ready of being put at the disposal of all. We shall have envisaged the application of this quiz in terms of continued education and discussed the category of staff to whom it can be proposed (assistant, pharmacist, interns, other staff). We shall have with your advices proposed by new tracks to enrich this tool.


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