Workshop 4: How to write a scientific article

5 October 2016

Modérateurs : A. Hinz1, E. Zygadlo2 1 Ed De Gruyter, Berlin
2 Wroclaw, Poland


The objective of the workshop is to make an overview of the most important aspects of scientific literature searching and writing a scientific article. The workshop will be divided into two parts. The first part will focus on basic search strategies and on the benefits of a good literature search. The second part of the workshop will present the structure of a scientific article and some publication requirements of an international pharmaceutical journal. Both parts of the workshop will be illustrated with examples from hospital pharmacy publications.

Part 1

Ewa Zygadlo
Medicines Information Pharmacist, Medicines Information Service, Wroclaw, Poland

Literature search for hospital pharmacists

  1. What do you need to know before starting a literature search?
  2. Medical and pharmaceutical databases in hospital practice.
  3. Search strategies – how to succeed ?
  4. Good literature search – what are the benefits?

Part 2

Alexandra Hinz
Ed De Gruyter, Berlin, Germany

How to write and publish a scientific article?

  1. Scientific articles - why is it important to write and publish?
  2. Rules and recommendations that apply to general scientific writing.
  3. Standard structure of a scientific manuscript.
  4. Requirements for articles to be published in Pharmaceutical Technology in Hospital Pharmacy.

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