Workshop 3: Education tool for hospital technicians used in an injectable cytotoxic preparation service

7 October 2015

Modérateurs : C. Nowak1, L. Danguy des Déserts2, D. Lucas1, P. Rohrbach3 1 CH Angoulême
2 CH de Poitiers
3 CH de Verdun

The training of dispensers posted in cytotoxic preparation units encompasses practical aspects (handling) and theoretic aspects (molecules, indications, side effects, etc.). For this, a teaching tool drawing upon the materials used in therapeutic education has been developed hand in hand with a team of dispensers to ensure that the training is both fun and interactive. A pack of cards has been made making it possible to focus the training on aspects of pharmaceutical technology and treatment indications. Each card which represents a molecule used in oncology is organised as follows:

  • the front, presented in the form of an illustrated questionnaire (boxes to tick) organised under different items:
    • Pharmaceutical technology: solvents, medical devices, formulation
    • Indications: with in particular the target organs and the therapeutic lines
    • Methods for preserving the bottle: before and after first use
  • the back, presented in the form of an illustrated summary sheet with answers to the questionnaire on the front together with additional information (therapeutic class, protocols, notion of urgency of the preparation, etc.).

This pack which currently includes 37 cards can be used in group training sessions. Each dispenser is given a card chosen at random or otherwise and places it in front of himself/herself with the “questionnaire” side uppermost. He/she then ticks what he/she thinks to be the right answers. After a period for individual thought, each participant presents the completed card. The cards are corrected between the various participants to make the training session interactive and to encourage comparison of the knowledge of each participant.

This pack of cards can be adapted to the user’s profile by developing specific chapters (for example infusion modalities and monitoring parameters for personnel administer chemotherapy).
Each card can also be used individually for self-evaluation.

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