Workshop 2: Security of the compounding use process, from prescription to administration

3 October 2012

Moderators : V. Chedru, L. Escalup, D. Dautel

Moderators : V. Chedru, L. Escalup, D. Dautel

The IGAS report on the medication use system (May, 2011) distinguishes 2 different and interconnected ways for drug use process in hospital :

  • The first, clinical, of the medical care of the inpatient, since entrance up to exit of hospital, when an out prescription is performed. During hospitalization, this clinical process includes the stages of prescription, dispensation and administration.
  • The second circuit, logistics, concerns medicament as a product, from the purchase up to deliverance in the care department, with the ultimate stage of drug administration to the patient.

The circuit of extemporaneous and hospital preparations is included in both systems.

Each of the stages of both circuits involves different actors, the transmission of information and the coordination of interventions are therefore essential. Because it depends on human factors, it also includes important risks of errors, today increasing in the healthcare system because of performance obligation, professional mobility, reduction of the average length of stay and constant increase of molecules and therefore of compounding.

Since Because of obligation to prepare in pharmacies some ready to use doses (ie chemotherapies), obligation stimulated by the Good Use Contract an certification in France , the control quality has improved. There remains possibility of progress in security, quality and in this new objective of effectiveness.

The next replacing of every actor into a role where the benefice is the most important for the patient (ex: technicians for the preparation of doses), the development of new technological solutions, the noting down of medical errors are so many reasons who will place the compounding activity in a major position to contribute to the security of the medication use system.

In this workshop, we propose you to discuss all these points, by bringing your vision of objectives, organization and means for the next decade.

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