Workshop 1 : Training and assessment of the work in aseptic conditions

3 October 2012

Moderators : Y. Huon, P. Rohrbach, J.M. Canonge With the participation of C. Martin Barrio, C. Magne

Moderators : Yvan Huon, Pascal Rohrbach, Jean-Marie Canonge
With the participation of Consuelo Martin Barrio, Christian Magne

Training of the workers in an aseptic environment and the evaluation of their skills is essential to ensure that the work procedures are properly applied and obtained a result of the required quality.

Different sources provide information on the content of these courses as well as the frequency of assessments to plan.

What are the key factors that determine the success of training?

Can we train using the e-learning?

Is it practical tools for assessing and training and can GERPAC support the development of these means?

What are the messages to provide to oncology nurses so that they better understand the time needed to prepare safe treatment and to learn which are the controls applied to those preparations?

Continued education: what are the expectations of the public in the matter, how can the GERPAC?

At the end of the workshop participants will be able to :

  • Measure the importance of team training
  • Develop a training program for the workplace
  • Identify sources and reference tools that can be used for training

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