Visual management SQCDP: a tool for monitoring performance in pharmacotechny unit

5 October 2022

A. Lassalle-Diguet, A. Andrieu, E. Raingeard, Y. Poirier
CHD Vendée, La Roche sur Yon, France

Since 2012, the chemotherapy production unit has been engaged in the ISO9001 certification process. As part of this continuous improvement process, the unit has begun work on the supervision of performance in pharmacy.

Define as a team key performance indicators adapted to the operational reality to supervise the performance of the unit by a visual management tool

Use of Lean management targeting quality improvement through staff involvement, inspired by techniques used in the automotive and aeronautical industries.
Formation of a multidisciplinary work group composed of pharmacists, interns, health managers, preparers and qualified agents.
Monitoring and steering of the project by 6 brainstorming meetings of 1h30:
* Definition of the performance
* Definition and choice of SMART indicators
* Research of performance criteria and severity level
* Design of the dashboard
* Re-evaluation of the indicators
* Assessment after one year of use

The concept of performance was defined by the working group and allowed to highlight 5 categories for performance monitoring: safety, quality, cost, deadlines, personnel (SQCDP). In each category, 2 to 7 indicators were selected and weighted according to the severity criteria.
An automated Excel tool was created to collect the indicators. Each letter of the SQCDP is divided into 12 boxes corresponding to the months of the year. Depending on the achievement of the objectives, the boxes are automatically colored red or green.
This process is repeated every month and provides a very visual account of performance over this period. The SQCDP is integrated into a dashboard that includes activity and well-being data for the unit.
After one year of use, the indicators have been re-evaluated by the working group, particularly in the categories of quality and personnel, for example, the turnover rate of preparers at the handling station. The "Purchasing" and "Infrastructure Control" processes are now integrated into the performance monitoring by monitoring equipment (technical interventions, microbiological growth, etc.).

Discussion /Conclusion
The SQCDP allows regular monitoring of indicators with early warning in case of drift. This participative performance management tool also motivates the teams in the progress dynamic. It was highlighted as a strong point during the ISO900 certification audit and led to an institutional reflection to transpose it as a performance management tool for the establishment’s divisions.

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