Theoretical training sessions in onco-hematology for hospital technicians

7 October 2016

M. Moine, D. Sankhare, J.C. Nicoulaud, P. Faure, N. Jourdan Saint-Louis Hospital, anticancer preparation unit, 75010 Paris, France

Within the context of hospital technician’s formation, interactive sessions about onco-hematology theoretical knowledge’s were implemented.

Previous knowledge’s were assessing thanks to 36 anti-cancer drugs (ACD) summary sheets available on the Gerpac website. Then, 17 lessons were set up by a pharmacist. Each lesson makes a synthesis about pathology in onco or hematology. At each meeting: incidence, diagnosis, clinical signs, treatments and the 3 most prescribed drugs were exposed. The duration of a lesson is 45 minutes and 4 technicians can come. In fact, the 16 technicians can participate to 5 out of 14 lessons. A blackboard was used as a support and 42 summaries cards about ACD were established. Quizzes were given before and after each lesson in order to make a learning assessment. Lastly, appreciation of meeting was discussed.

About previous knowledge’s: indications of anti ACD and means of delivery (monotherapy or in association) obtain lowest scores (respectively: mean = 6/20, standard deviation = 3,6 and 11/20, standard deviation = 4,2). About learning assessment by quizzes, there is no significant difference between oncology and hematology lessons scores. However, a significant difference is noticed between scores before and after lessons in oncology (p= 0.0001, mean score before/after = 4,6 vs 9,6/10) and hematology (p = 0.03 – 4,9 vs 9,2/10) . Classes are enjoyed by all technicians and they would like to continue. Moreover, they think quizzes enhance concentration during the class.

Lessons will be reproduced and it will allow technicians to attend in 5 news sessions of their choice. Share this experience in a web platform could be interesting. Nevertheless, supports used during sessions should be suitable in conformity with the hospital practice and updated with news therapeutics.

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