SimUPAC 360°: the first French digital cytotoxic preparation unit developed in virtual tour for staff training

6 October 2017

S. Rodier1,2, M. Moine3, F. Beau1, J.C. Nicoulaud3, M. Colombe2,4, V. Noyer5, N. Jourdan3, F. Divanon1, A. Bobay-Madic2,5 1 CLCC François Baclesse, service pharmacie, 14000 Caen, France
2 Association pour le Digital et l’Information en Pharmacie (ADIPh)
3 Hôpital Saint-Louis, APHP, 75010 Paris, France
4 EPSM de Caen, service pharmacie, 14000 Caen, France
5 Centre Hospitalier Robert Bisson, service pharmacie, 14100 Lisieux, France


Cytotoxic Preparation Units (CPU) are perfectly adapted working areas to develop medical simulation tools. Simulation methods facilitate skill training and assessment of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians (PT). Their playful and interactive aspects are useful to improve the quality of initial and continuous training. Digital simulation tools could also help to reduce the use of the CPU for training.


To create a virtual CPU, SimUPAC 360°, for the initial and continuous training of pharmacists and PT.


A multi-center working group was established with 7 pharmacists and 2 PT from 3 healthcare institutions, including 3 experts of the immersive virtual tour technique applied to health. To design the virtual CPU, locations, shooting procedures and the type and number of errors were defined. The simulation tool met the following criteria: affordable, educational and upgradeable.


Three areas were defined and allowed a 360° displacement in the CPU: dressing area, storage and production area including isolators. In each area, it was possible to open 20 points of interest (POI) by clicking on icons: with errors (N=15) and without errors (N=5). A total of 60 errors were proposed about: good manufacturing practice (N=35), personal and collective protective equipment (N=17), hygiene (N=10), storage (N=9), waste management (N=3), respect of dosages (N=2), patient monitoring management (N=1). Errors were universal, instructive and with a level of difficulty adapted to the target audience. Photos and videos were chosen because they allow to observe linked sequences concerning preparation technique or protective equipment for example.


This tool will be available online with a kit for the trainer (instructions of use, educational support including well-argued response) for the 2017 patient safety awareness week. Furthermore, POI were designed to facilitate the integration of new media, allowing to provide low-cost new future scenarios.

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