Simulation by immersive virtual tour SimUPAC 360° : a new tool for pharmacy tech in hospital school training

4 October 2018

M.Bonsergent1, M.Moine1, D. Sankhare1, J.C Nicoulaud1, S. Rouzaud2, L. Benassaia2, S.Rodier3, N. Jourdan1 1 Hôpital Saint-Louis, APHP, 75010 Paris, France,
2 Centre de Formation des Préparateurs en Pharmacie Hospitalière (CFPPH), 75571 Paris, France, 3Pharmacie, Centre Francois Baclessse, Caen, France.

Within the context of hospital technician’s (HT) formation, a 360° virtual tour inside a cytotoxic preparation unit (SimUPAC 360°) has been proposed through tutorial sessions (TS).
The aim is to assess feasibility and adherence to this new learning and teaching method.

Two-three hours tutorial sessions were carried out. Following an introduction by the pharmacist listing the educational objectives, students were divided into 15 groups of 4. During 45 min, SimUPAC was broadcast on a screen with 19 situations (photo / video), to identify 15 various errors (personal and collective protective equipment, good manufacturing practice, storage…). At the end, a correction was presented by the pharmacist, allowing experience feedback, reminder of good practice and difficulties assessment. An anonymous survey graded HT satisfaction: knowledge acquisition, quality of the session, comments and improvement proposals.

Based on an increasing satisfaction scale, the training (tool and corrections) was valued at 8/10 ±1 by the 62 HT. SimUPAC appreciation was 9/10 ±1, showing a strong preference for video form (47%) or mixed (40%) rather than only photographic (13%). HT reported having gained knowledge (8/10 ±2) and 90% would recommend it. Questions were considered as easy with a difficulty noted at 3/10 ±2 on an increasing difficulty scale. However, 3 errors haven’t been identified: turbid preparation (5/15), breakdown in the cold chain (3/15) and non-compliant administration route (2/15). HT suggested future individual and rating training, including more errors focused on manipulation. Finally, 79% of HT would appreciate a new version and extension to other sectors: parenteral nutrition, radiopharmacy and sterilization.

SimUPAC 360° has led to an interactive training session, promoting exchanges on units practice and legislation. The originality was appreciated. The tool however, remains perfectible: unplanned errors and confusing situation (waste management) were noted. Pharmacist presence is required to explain corrections, thereby setting discussion as the key component of this training.

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