Short oral scientific communication 2

M. Saliège 1, S. Roos2, A. Grand3 1 Pharmacie, hôpital Gabriel-Montpied, CHU Clermont-Ferrand, France
2 Pharmacie, hôpital André Grégoire, CHI Montreuil, Montreuil, France
3 Pharmacie, hôpital Rangueil, CHU Toulouse, Toulouse, France

The outsourcing of preparations and controls has become a daily activity for certain health care institutions since the appearance of the Good Preparation Practices (GPP). The purpose of this study is to review that activity in a sample of French health care institutions.

A total of 120 in-house pharmacies were surveyed, elected from a list of the pharmacies authorised to make hospital preparations and the lists supplied by the Regional Health Agencies.

The reply rate was 26.7%. 32% were service providers, 32% contractors and 36% had no outsourcing activity. The majority of the service providers are University Hospital Centre and the majority of the contractors are Hospital Centres, in local or regional, foreseeable and definitive situations. The preparations concerned are cytotoxics, ophthalmologic and parenteral nutrition preparations. Time to availability is < 24h.
The cost of a bag of cytotoxic, across all the service providers and contractors, varies from 20 to 48 €.
Pharmaceutical validation is handled by 50% of the service providers and by 90% of the contractors.
The in-house pharmacies always require agreements to the drafted and make no profit from the activity. Contractors highlight the issues of quality, compliance with regulations and the continuity of the activity.

The survey cannot be extrapolated to the national level as the response rate is too low.
We found that outsourcing is often specialised involving more the activity of preparations than controls. The levels of responsibility are variable and the regulatory requirements are not always observed.
The disparities in the cost of the service evidence the need for an appropriate text.

Will the future of the in-house pharmacies move towards competence centres specialised in the activity of pharmaceutical technology with outsourcing for the local health care institutions?

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