Setting up a fun training course on the preparation of anticancer drugs within a Regional Hospital Group

28 September 2021

Aurélie Etangsale1, Laetitia Albertini2, Maud Bascoulergue1, Francis Fauvelle2 Bernadette Coret-Houbart1
1 Pharmacy service, Robert Ballanger Hospital Center, 93602 Aulnay-sous-Bois, FRANCE
2 Pharmacy service, Le Raincy-Montfermeil Hospital Center, 93370 Montfermeil, FRANCE

The Grand Paris Nord Est Regional Hospital Group (RHG) includes three hospitals Two of them have an anticancer drug production activity. The main objective was to set up a continuous training plan for the preparation of anticancer drugs in intra-RHG in order to improve the territorial network through cooperation between pharmacies for internal use and to improve the attractiveness of the RHG by developing the skills of pharmacy technicians (PTs).

Face-to-face training sessions were organized. Each session included PTs from both hospitals, in order to promote interaction between the teams. The practical and theoretical knowledge of PTs on anticancer drugs were assessed before and after the face-to-face session using a 23-question multiple-choice questionnaire. The session included three fun workshops: "protocols and drugs used in oncology", "detection of an error in a manufacturing sheet" and "good manufacturing practices". For the 1st workshop, the revised card game from the Angoulême Hospital Center was used as a fun tool. Each group had to complete the medication cards and match them with the appropriate cancer card in order to form a protocol. For the 2ndworkshop, manufacturing sheets containing errors were distributed to each PTs. The aim of the game was to detect the errors in the manufacturing sheets. During the 3rd workshop, one of the participants had to pretend making a mistake during a preparation and the other participants had to discover the mistake made.

An improvement in knowledge was observed after the face-to-face training. In fact, the average score obtained on the questionnaire went from 10.6/20 before training to 12.8/20 after training. Furthemore, the Student test showed a significant difference between the average marks obtained before and after training (p = 0.0001). Seventy percent of PTs obtained a better average mark after the training. A greater increase was observed in knowledge about anticancer drugs (+4.4 points) and their adverse effects (+2.9 points).

The use of the questionnaire highlighted the important impact of the face-to-face training on the contribution of theoretical knowledge on anticancer drugs. The organization of a common training session enabled an exchange of practices between the teams and fostered a common culture of quality and safety of care. Common face-to-face continuing training will be renewed every year in order to maintain the knowledge of the PTs.

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