Session 2: Designing a unit for preparing doses to be administered

3 October 2019

O. Canon, Hospital Arras
G. Vitale, University Hospital Toulouse
T. Piriou, Hospital Quimper

Atelier 2 GERPAC 2019
The fight against drug iatrogenesis by dose dispensing is part of the missions of the hospital pharmacist as mentioned in the decree of May 21, 2019, and has been integrated for years in the contract of good use become contract for improving the quality and the efficiency of care (CAQES). Automated Dose dispensing allows a limitation of the risk of error, a saving of nursing time, and a decreasing consumption of medication. At the same time, the creation of regional hospital groups offers new investment opportunities to the institutions to automate this activity with technologies that remain expensive, but which can now be shared.

The aim of this workshop is to present, in an interactive way and by feedback from currently automated sites, a panel of the robots present on sale, with or without conservation of the primary packaging of the drugs. We will then discuss the different points to take into account on the design of the premises (size, controlled atmosphere and controlled access areas or not, cleaning, needing in pressurized air, etc ...), during the delivery of the automaton, and on the organization to establish (staff, quality documentation, degraded procedures ...). Thirdly, we will discuss the points to be considered in the context of a new project: profile of care services to be distributed, logistics to consider, link with information systems, opportunity in the regional hospital group...

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