Robot assisted compounding users club: the 2025 roadmap

4 October 2023

A. Mitha, C. Bertrand, P. Coliat, I. Sakli, D. Prebay, S. Cassatella, M. Bastianelli, H. Aboudagga, A. Rieutord
Institut Gustave Roussy Villejuif, Centre Eugène Marquis Rennes, Institut de Cancérologie Strasbourg Europe, Centre Oscar Lambret, Lille, France, Loccioni, Rosora, Italie

For almost 20 years and the first pioneering work on the robot assisted production (RAP) of chemotherapy, robots have been installed in some hospital pharmacies. The RAP can represent a significant part of the total compounding up to 65%. Consequently, in France compounding robot users’ club was created. At first, it seemed important to federate all its creative members to formalize the objectives.
This work presents the approach and the strategic project developed with the 4 robot user centers.

Materials and methods
A face-to-face kick-off meeting was initiated on 14 and 15/12/2021. The animation of the workshops was based on a management by value method for the definition of the strategic axes followed by a 1 workshop of reflection on the projects, and 3 project management meetings in a remote mode with Microsoft Teams of 90 minutes.
The steering committee included 4 Comprehensive Cancer Care Centers (C) with three representatives for C1, 2 for C2, 1 for C3 and 1 for C4 who were users or future users of the APOTECA Chemo robot (Loccioni) and 2 Loccioni collaborators

Our community has defined as a target "to support the evolution towards robotic production in oncology". We have prioritized three strategic areas:
* Build our shared quality management system for robotic production
* Evaluate and enhance the social and economic contribution of robotic production
* Contribute to open research and innovation in robotic production with our partners
Ten Projects for 2022-2025 period were prioritized, including the assessment of the impact on operators of the introduction of the robot, the construction and assessment of shared document management and a timeline summarizing the milestones of the implementation of the robot by using a priori risk analysis approach.

The community has defined a common vision, an essential step to bring together current and future users, and launch the dynamic at the national level. After 18 months of work, the deliverables are presented at the congress and the first evaluation of action implemented are planned for the end of 2023.

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