Pylote technology: innovation to control the risk of microbial contamination from preparation to use of finished products

5 October 2023

M Guittard (Dremil-Lafage)

Founded in 2009 and based in Toulouse, France, Pylote helps protect people and their well-being by reducing the transmission of microbial contamination and the risk of infection by making sur-faces and products continuously self-decontaminating. The effectiveness, robustness and safety of Pylote’s mineral antimicrobial technology are supported by numerous scientific articles, independent laboratory tests and has demonstrated its benefits in real life. In 2022, Pylote brought together experts to conduct a review of the last 30 years of the scientific literature highlighting the recurrent microbial contamination of ophthalmic droppers and the associated risks. In collaboration with the pharmacy de-partment of the AP-HP, the first results of a recent study will be presented, comparing the situation of the contamination of eye drops with the data of this review of the literature, and the impact of using eue drops activated by Pylote’s antimicrobial solution. Beyond the healthcare sector, Pylote deploys its patented, industrialized and unique "made in France" solution in a wide range of sectors, including cos-metics, agri-food, construction, transport, hygiene and consumer goods. The latest innovative products developed will be introduced.

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