Professionals practicing in healthcare settings and risks associated with exposure to antineoplastic drugs: developing training tools as part of a regional cancer network

6 October 2017

X. Gallois1, N. Fabié2, M. Giovanelli1 1 Pôle Pharmacie-Stérilisation - CHRU de Nancy - Hôpitaux de Brabois, Allée du Morvan, 54511 Vandœuvre-lès-Nancy, France
2 RRC ONCOLOR, 2 allée de Vincennes, 54500 Vandœuvre-lès-Nancy


A regional study carried out in 2015 showed the need to raise hospital staff awareness of occupational risks associated with exposure to antineoplastic agents, and particularly the necessity to have appropriate training tools. Indeed, today, no regional or national training exists on this subject.


Our aim was to create, with the regional cancer network, a practical and validating training for professionals working in health institutions about risks associated with exposure to antineoplastic agents and ways of protecting themselves.

Material and Method

A workgroup was set up to define the type of support, the method of training, the target population, the educational objectives and the duration of the training.


Two slideshows were developed: one for the staff working in hospital pharmacies and the other one for care services (nurses and nurses’ aides). The first part, which is common to both tools, includes a reminder on antineoplastic agents, exposure routes, toxicities and personal protective equipment (PPE). The second part, more specific to the targeted public, presents the PPE to be used according to the activity performed with antineoplastic agents. All modules are supplemented with a quiz.

Discussion / Conclusion

These generic tools could be freely adapted to be in accordance with specific procedures and equipment of each hospital. They will be a basis for targeted training for specific professional categories and/or activities. Now, validation of this work by the regional cancer network is to be undertaken, but the e-learning module is already being developed.

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