Pre-filled syringes made of cyclic olefin copolymers for the hospital environment

8 October 2021

N. Niederwieser – Schott

Pre-filled syringes (PFSs) are gaining more and more attention as a packaging solution for IV drugs and the challenging hospital environment. Compared to the conventional preparation method (CPM) of using a container (e.g. ampoule, bottle, vial) that stores the drug and a disposable syringe for the injection, using a PFS, the storage container and the injection device in one, has a wide range of advantages. PFSs allow a faster preparation and administration of drugs, which minimizes adverse effects to the patient through fewer medication errors and microbial contamination. PFSs also decrease drug waste and may save money for hospitals and the health care system.

Cyclic olefin copolymers (COC) are a relatively new class of high-performance thermoplastics that are characterized by a high chemical inertness, a low extractable and leachable profile as well as good barrier properties and therefore a suitable material for PFSs for IV drugs used in hospitals. COC pre-filled syringes also have a high temperature stability, which allows a terminal sterilization for example by autoclaving.

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