European Commission publishes a new guidance for the safe management of hazardous medicinal products at work

This guidance provides an overview of existing good practice and practical advice aiming at reducing workers’ exposure to hazardous medicinal products.

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Call for papers 26th European GERPAC conference

Final date for submissions: June 30, 2023 midnight

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GERPAC 2022 Multimedia support Contest : Public’s choice

Video Award 2022

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Replay 2022 conference

You have the opportunity to access to replay for registrants and 2023 memberships

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Join the 25th European GERPAC Conference

The 25th European scientific days of GERPAC on October 5, 6, and 7 in Hyères (France).

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GERPAC Consensus Conference

Guidance on the Assignment of Microbiological Shelf-life for Hospital Pharmacy Aseptic Préparations - 2020

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Isolators: qualifications and maintenance. Clean rooms, controlled environments ans containment laboratories. ASPEC-GERPAC

This publication is a truly educational tool. It contains roughly 20 practical information sheets.

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PTHP Journal

Pharmaceutical Technology in Hospital Pharmacy (PTHP) is the first international journal dedicated to all aspects of pharmaceutical technology in hospitals

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Discussion forum

GERPAC provides for its members a discussion forum specifically devoted to technology in hospital pharmacy

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