Medical-economic study and practical assessment of standard sleeves-gloves (GMS) versus secure connector ring (BCS) sleeves-gloves

28 September 2021

B. Berton1, E. Voinet1, M. Pellissier 1, R. Veillet 1, S. Occhipinti 1, E. Goiffon 1, R. Chevrier 1
1 Unité de pharmacie clinique oncologique, Centre de Lutte Contre le Cancer - Jean Perrin, 58 Rue Montalembert, 63011 Clermont-Ferrand Cedex1, FRANCE

Our chemotherapy preparation unit has 3 isolators with 17 standard sleeves-gloves (GMS). There are major problematics with these gloves : recurring tear at joints, difficult joint installation when changing GMS (which can cause musculoskeletal disorders (MSD)), difficulties in changing gloves. The unit therefore invested in an innovative system : secure connector ring (BCS) sleeves-gloves. This device is widespread in the industry but our unit is currently one of the few French hospital units to use it.

Assessing the medico-economic impact of using BCS sleeves-gloves versus GMS and their advantages and disadvantages.

Method and material
A satisfaction survey, before and 1 year after the transition to BCS system was submitted to the pharmacy technicians to assess the advantages and disadvantages of both systems. It is made of 8 questions divided into 3 items : difficulties of installation (scored from 0 : very easy to 5 : very difficult), advantages and disadvantages (multiple choices). The calculation of the additional cost resulting from the system change performed using the purchases quote.

8 responses were obtained on GMS and 6 on BCS sleeves-gloves. 87.5% of respondents estimate the installation time of standard gloves at more than 3 minutes and 83.3% estimate the installation time of BCS gloves between 0 and 3 minutes. The force required to put on the GMS is on average 4.9 versus 2.5 for the BCS sleeves-gloves. The pharmacy technicians judge that changing gloves to sterile and non-sterile conditions is more difficult with the GMS system than with the BCS system (5 vs 1.7 and 4.3 vs 1.5 respectively). The team finds many advantages to the BCS system : easy installation (100% of respondents), time saving (83.5%), reduced risk of tearing and dislodging or improper attachment (66.7%). No change of gloves for microcuts have been made since switching to BCS system against 5 per year on average with GMS. Team describes muscle and joint preservation with BCS system, in contrast to the previous, where she mentioned recurrent pain. The total cost of using GMS is 15614,06€/year versus 22112,72€/year with BCS (additional cost of 6498.66€/year)

BCS sleeves-gloves have many advantages : saving time when placing gloves, a lower force required to put them, easily change of gloves resulting in fewer MSD. Routine use of these gloves seems more comfortable than with GMS. The additional cost of switching to BCS sleeves-gloves is offset by a reduction in gloves tears and therefore a decrease in their changes.

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