Manual or semi-automatic small batch preparation of chemotherapy: witch process is choose by the team?

9 October 2015

M. Moine, C. Ménard, D. Sankhare, G. Ventroux, V. Breteau, P. Faure, N. Jourdan Saint-Louis Hospital, anticancer preparation unit, 75010 Paris, France

In our anticancer preparation unit, the peristaltic pump BAXA repeat® is use to prepare batch-preparation. In this study, we evaluate technicians feeling about manual or semi-automated preparation of small batches as 10 and 20 chemotherapy.

Eleven technicians answered to a survey rated on a scale from 1 to 10. Main points were: material preparation, musculoskeletal disorder and tiredness. A score above 5 shows arduousness. Average score of these items for the two processes (manual M or semi-automated SA) were evaluated and compared. Technicians had to choose between the two processes for each size of batch. They also had to estimate a size of batch preparation when peristaltic pump becomes essential.

For batch under 10, no arduousness is noticed (note < 5) with or without using the pump. Peristaltic pump seems to be more ergonomic (notes = 2.5 SA versus 4.9 M). However, with this process, materiel preparation is harder (note = 3.1 SA versus 1.6 M). Half technicians prefer to prepare 10 chemotherapy with peristaltic pump. For a manual batch preparation of 20 chemotherapy, musculoskeletal disorder are significant (note = 7.2) whereas the use of peristaltic pump reduce these troubles (note = 4.2) and seems to be more ergonomic. Moreover, the required concentration and tiredness are perceived fairly less with the peristaltic pump (notes are respectively 3.4 SA versus 6.1 M and 3.6 SA versus 6.3 M). All technicians prefer to make 20 chemotherapy with the help of the pump. They consider this process essential when the size of batch preparation exceeds 14.

To conclude, pump is a help for batch preparation including preparation of small size of batch. It contributes to improve working comfort.

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