Interest of non-conformities ands complaints follow-up un a centralised intraveinous additive service

5 October 2012

C. Georgel, C. Dumont, D. Noel, D. Dautel, P. Coupé Centralised Intraveinous Additive Service, Pharmacy,
Jean Bernard Hospital,
59300 Valenciennes, France

In order to guarantee the patients safety, centralised intraveinous additive service engaged into the quality approach of ISO 9001 certification. Its priority is to satisfy the customer services needs and to continuously improve the preparations quality.

To answer these objectives, a support of nonconformities and customer complaints declaration was elaborated and a satisfaction survey is annually realized. A periodic review of allows to analyze the incidents causes raised in order to set up the necessary actions according to the seriuosness and/or the frequency of the issues.

In 2011, 165 declarations were registered : 147 nonconformities (95 internals, 52 externals) and 18 complaints. The study of customer complaints typology show that the mainly involved stages are "prescription" and "preparation". As regards the internal non-conformities, three processes are essentially involved: "preparation", “protocol building", “storage/delivery". Further to externals nonconformities analysis and satisfaction survey results, the attention concerned to the process "storage/delivery".

Consequently, to avoid the dysfunctions reappearance, corrective actions were implemented : new procedures writing, protocols modifications, new indicators follow-up. A monthly meeting of action plans reviews is organized from now on with the aim of noticing strategic actions state progress and checking their efficiency to enclose them.

The working group contributes to the implementation of effective solutions. The feedback is essential to maintain the trust and the declarations dynamics.

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