IntelliFill i.v.

5 December 2018

J.A. Osborne ForHEalth Technologies Inc, USA

IntelliFill i.v., manufactured by ForHealth Technologies, Inc. of Daytona Beach, Florida, USA, has been in use in US hospitals since the fall of 2001. It is currently deployed within 19 hospitals, including 4 Children’s Hospitals and 15 acute care facilities. To date, over 13 million doses have been prepared using the IntelliFill i.v. technology. It is designed to fill syringe-based small-volume parenteral products using two approaches:

  • Reservoir Fill- This application transfers a drug product from a bulk reservoir container into syringes. The drug may or may not undergo further dilution within the syringe. This mode of operation can occur at speeds up to 600 syringes per hour.
  • Vial-Mode Fill- This application utilizes vials as the source container for the drugs being prepared. The vial is dispensed from a automated cabinet, barcode scanned to confirm that the correct vial was selected. A digital image of the vial used to prepare the dose is obtained by the robot.
    The cap is then removed from the vial, the vial’s septum is swabbed with alcohol, and the vial is positioned at the cannula station, where a vented needle is inserted and the appropriate volume of diluent is added to the vial. The vial is then moved to a reconstitution station which agitates the drug according to settings within the robot’s formulary file.
    Following reconstitution, the vial is again entered by the cannula, inverted, and the correct dose of medication is withdrawn and transferred to a empty syringe which is waiting on the dial for filling. The dose is placed within the syringe, the syringe is then recapped, labeled, and weighed before it is removed from the dial and placed on the exit conveyor. This mode of operation can occur at speeds up to 100 syringes per hour.

Accuracy: IntelliFill i.v. has repeatedly demonstrated that it can work within an accuracy range of plus or minus 5% between transfer volumes of 0.5ml to 11.5ml.

Sterility Validation: IntelliFill i.v. has been subjected to tens of thousands of media challenge tests utilizing tryptophan soy broth, without having produced a contaminated syringe.

Reliability: IntelliFill i.v. has a remarkable 99.1% uptime record over the last 12 months

Uses: Hospitals within the United States use IntelliFill i.v. for the preparation of many of their antibiotic, steroid, histamine antagonist, injectable narcotics, and operating room drugs. Having these agents prepared within the pharmacy frees up significant amounts of nursing time, improves the safety of the drug delivery process, and reduces the costs associated with the preparation and use of the associated products.

International Markets: It is the intent of ForHealth Technologies to engage a reliable distributor to provide sales and support services for IntelliFill within the European market beginning in early 2007.

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