Implementation of a training and authorization program for pharmacy technicians in a Chemotherapies Preparation Unit (CPU)

7 October 2016

C. Zecchini, G. Mellion, F. Poirot Lutrin, P. Lourman, J. Berlioz Centre Hospitalier Annecy Genevois, Service Pharmacie,
21 impasse des illettes - ZI des îles - 74 370 EPAGNY METZ-TESSY

Preparation of chemotherapies is performed by pharmacy technicians under the responsibility of pharmacists. The Good Preparation Guidelines indicate that staff must receive specific initial and continuing training. This training must include practical and theoretical aspects.

After listing skills required, a training and authorization program was established by pharmacists and the referent pharmacy technician of the activity, with four teaching tools: training plan, cards game, videos and authorization quiz.

The training plan details skills to acquire in 4 weeks. It integrates health and safety rules, a discovery tour of half a day at the outpatient chemotherapy unit. The second week, learning about cytotoxic handling is made through videos describing exhaustively the use of medical devices and types of preparation carried in the CPU. These videos were produced by the CPU and are available online via the computerized documentation system. A playful and interactive workshop is organized monthly with a play card, focusing on clinical aspects (indications, side effects, ...) and pharmaceutical technology (conservation, incompatibilities, ...) of the 41 drugs prepared in our CPU. New pharmacy technicians must join this workshop. At the end of 4 weeks, final authorization is organized in 2 stages: observation handling practices by pharmacists and theoretical validation via an online quiz, incorporating subjects of the training in the form of simulation exercises. Validation of authorization is formalized by a certificate issued by the pharmacist manager of the activity.

Structured around these four tools, the training program has formalized the authorization of pharmacy technicians at the CPU.

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