How technologies and transfers can support chemotherapies preparation units

5 October 2012

C. Lambert Lourd’Innov SAS (France)

Today, chemotherapies preparation units should be considered as production site facing regular increase of volume. Then, the production capacity and organization must be optimized to be able to face activity peaks and keep preparation quality (aseptic filling, dosage precision …).

At LDI, a newborn company, our credo is the protection of people and products in Healthcare fields. Our objective is to develop innovative products for production processes and critical transfer management to get robustness in reconstitutions activities. To do so, LDI is organized in 2 complementary activities: Steripass® for protected transfers and Med’Innov® for innovative products dedicated to personalized medicines production.


Protected transfer port systems permit to transfer products in and out of protected areas without jeopardizing the containment of the zone and of the products, and consequently without danger for the users. Currently, protected transfer port systems are the best solutions to protect people and products during chemotherapy reconstitution processes.

All models of transfer port systems could be used with Laminar Air Flow cabinet, clean room or isolators. In France, for chemo reconstitution, its use is limited to isolator for finish products removal with “tubing” ports or hazardous waste outlet.

For sure, these systems do not fit completely the needs of central pharmacies:

  • circular opening limits the transfer of boxes, blisters or any big component with a square shape
  • lack of flexibility during activity peaks
  • impossible to manipulate from outside
  • impossible to transfer directly big components between 2 controlled zones (i.e. 2 isolators)

STERIPASS® system has a rectangular opening (245mm*175mm) and try to fix some of these issues. Of simple use, this port permits to operate all in and out transfers in a safe, independent and rapid manner. Transfer bag shape, material and dimensions are chosen with users to be in line with the needs of hospital pharmacies productions.


Med’Innov® activity focuses on development of small equipment, accessories or processes to help preparation production organization. Solutions are adapted to each single situation with a strong implication of the users. For instance, we designed with Institut Curie (Paris) a balance focused on ergonomics which is linked to their current PLC system.

Med’Innov® solutions aim to be simple, ergonomic and robust.


The complementary activities STERIPASS® and MED’INNOV® enable us to propose relevant solutions for many different situations. Innovation is worth only if it brings real benefits to the users. That is why we design always based on deep collaboration with user teams.

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