Hospital pharmaceutical technologies of the future

6 October 2017

Pr P. Bonnabry Pharmacy, Geneva University Hospitals (HUG), Section of pharmaceutical sciences, University of Geneva, University of Lausanne, Geneva, Switzerland

Looking behind us, it is obvious that the pharmaceutical technologies activities have much evolved during the last 20 years and there is no reason to imagine a different scenario for the coming 20 years. Aging of the population and evolution of therapies will probably revolutionize the management of diseases - in particular in the oncological field - and directly impact on hospital pharmacies organization. Increase in demand in a context of constrained resources will force us to improve the efficiency of our operations: application of Lean methodologies, dose-banding and automation of cytotoxic preparation. The expected revolution of therapies, in a context of personalized medicine, genome decoding, big data, management of medical information by the patient himself (i.e. “Quantified-self”) will need an adaptation of our infrastructure and organization. Finally, the society acceptance of errors and their consequences will certainly decrease, forcing us to still increase our level of quality management and operator’s training. The new pedagogical approaches - particularly e-learning and simulation - will become essential to improve the efficiency of our educational actions and to allow us to reach the objective “never the first time for a patient”.

Looking in the past, we note that the evolution of our activities is quite slow. This will probably be also the case in the future and we can imagine that developments we are speaking about since a long time - like the installation of centralized intravenous additive services (CIVAS) - will finally be developed broadly in the future.

If we can nearly predict what will be the next 10 years, a more distant vision is more complicated to elaborate, so rapid the technologic evolution is, but so slow the adoption in our environments sometimes is. In the second part of this presentation, a travel in the future will be proposed. The author of this presentation disclose however any responsibility on the accomplishment - or not - of these predictions…

Conflict of interest: nothing to disclose

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