Formulation and compounding dermal forms in hospital pharmacies

7 October 2016

F. Lagarce INSERM U 646,
CHU Angers, France

Dermal forms are regularly prescribed and thus compounded by hospital pharmacies. They are used to treat skin diseases but also to allow the transport of active drugs across the skin for systemic delivery.

The knowledge of the skin structure and biological properties are mandatory to properly formulate a dermal preparation.

Then, the excipients have to be chosen taking into account the following goals:

  1. Skin tolerance of the preparation,
  2. Capacity for efficient drug delivery,
  3. Aspect and comfort of the formulation.

The lecture will sum-up the key points to formulate active moieties while complying with those fundamental requirements. The talk will be illustrated with an example of development of a cream containing sirolimus for the treatment of tuberous-sclerosis complex-related angiofibromas.

The following points will be tackled:

  • formulation,
  • characterization,
  • stability study,
  • choice of the quality controls.

In conclusion, a check list of the different points to consider for taking in charge the compounding of a new formulation for skin delivery will be proposed.

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