Feasibility evaluation of 5Fluorouracil diffusers using by a filling pump

6 October 2017

E. Achain, T. Boileau, C. Sola, M. Coutinho, S. Pacher, Y. Cretu, S. Perriat, A. Martel,
F. Puisset, JM. Canonge
IUCT-Oncopole CHU de Toulouse, France


The filling of 5Fluorouracil diffusers represents a Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSD) risk to pharmacy technicians. The use of a filling pump limit the risks of MSD, but raises the problem of integrating such a manipulation into a manual production in isolator. The objective of this work is to evaluate the productivity of a pump filling in comparison with a manual production in isolator.


Preparation of diffusers in series using the Diana pump (ICU Medical) in a hood by a dedicated technician during a test week.
Measurement necessary time required to realise the daily series of diffusers (measure of the liberation time between the edition of the preparation sheet and the end of the preparation).
For each diffusers series filled by the pump, simulation of the liberation time necessary to realise identical serie handly in isolator (simulation of the preparation time considering the average preparation times and the sterilization time, and the enchainment time between preparations).
Comparison of manual preparation vs using the pump by Student Paired test.


10 series of 5 to 10 diffusers have been realised. The liberation average time of a diffuser is 4.1 minute by the pump against 7.2 minute manually (filling time 2.75 minute), p=0,02. Using the pump represents an average time saving of 18 minutes per diffusers series.


Using a pump saves handling time compared to a manual preparation in isolator. This confirms the advantage of automating the tedious preparations, even if this requires to put a technician out of the conventional preparation flow, it doesn’t alter the productivity of the unit and makes it possible to prevent the risk of MSD.

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