Evaluation of the Romeo® handling aid and its impact on the prevention of musculoskeletal disorders

28 September 2021

Vaillant M. 1 ; Friou M. 1 ; Lafay M. 1; Escalup L. 1
1 : Pharmacy, Institut Curie site Saint Cloud, 35 rue Dailly, 92210 Saint Cloud, France

Over the last 5 years, our chemotherapy production has increased by 17%, leading to a greater demand on hospital pharmacy technicians (HPT).
This increase in activity can be the cause of musculoskeletal disorders (MSD).
In order to prevent this phenomenon we have equipped ourselves with a Romeo® handling aid.

The primary objective is to evaluate the interest of the ROMEO® system in current practice during the production of anticancer chemotherapies and in particular in the preparation of diffusers.
The secondary objective is to evaluate the contribution of the system in the prevention of MSD.

Material and Method
A questionnaire was drawn up and submitted to 13 HPTs trained in the use of the device, after 4 months of use.
16 qualitative and quantitative questions were drafted and divided into 3 sections: the ROMEO® device, preparation of a diffuser, MSDs.

11 HPTs (or 85%) responded.
Evaluation of the device:
* All the HPTs found the device easy to use and found the 2-day training period sufficient.
* 2 HPTs (18%) noted difficulties in handling the device: its weight and the size of the workstation are limitations to its use.
Preparation of a diffuser:
* All HPTs find that making a diffuser is easier since using the system.
* 6 (or 55%) of them consider that the system does not save time and 8 (or 73%) answered that it adds extra steps.
* All HPTs have experienced stretching, discomfort, or pain in their hands and arms, and for 7 (or 64%), these symptoms occurred at work as well as at home.
* The level of pain experienced was estimated to be between 6 and 10 in 5 HPTs (46%).
* Since the use of the ROMEO® system, all the HPTs have experienced a reduction in symptoms and the pain level has gone down to between 1 and 5 for the whole team.
* All the patients consider that the ROMEO® system decreases the repetitiveness of the gestures.

This tool has allowed us to evaluate the contribution of the ROMEO® system and it seems to be a step forward in the improvement of the working conditions thanks to its ease of use and the reduction of the pain felt by the HPTs.
However, obstacles have been highlighted such as the lack of maneuverability and the space required on the bench. It is therefore necessary that corrective actions be implemented.

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