Development of an accreditation program in nonsterile compounded drugs

20 August 2021

A-F. Dumas (Valence - France)
R. Mazet (Grenoble - France)

Since the publication of the French Good Compounding Practices in 2007, nonsterile compounding activities have been constantly evolving and progressively outsourced in specialized pharmacies and hospitals. Although the regulatory framework requires the accreditation of each pharmacy technician, it is too often considered that obtaining the professional certificate is sufficient to validate their drug compounding skills. Moreover, without frequent practice, it is difficult for operators to maintain the level of competence and quality. For example, in the drug compounding unit of the Grenoble Alpes University Hospital, the majority of non-compliances was due to a lack of expertise in capsule, semi solid and oral suspension formulations. Because of few existing programs regarding this sector and the complex situations operators have to face, it is essential to develop an accreditation program for pharmacy technicians that is not limited to the acquisition of knowledge and know-how.

The objective of this workshop is to define operators’ key skills in nonsterile compounding units, as well as to identify the interest of learning tools in order to offer a useful training program adapted to the needs of pharmacy technicians.

Workshop program
* Presentation on the regulatory framework regarding pharmacy technicians’ training and on competency-based learning; presentation of an inventory of the different accreditation tools used in other French pharmacies
* Interactive group work on pharmacy technicians’ key skills in compounding unit
* Focus group on training tools suitable for skill learning, such as simulation scenarios (role-play, practicum), videos (capsules, semi solid, oral suspension, accuracy and precision tutorials), quizzes (MCQ, portfolios), companionship, etc.

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