Czech Oncology Pharmacy

8 November 2010

M. Sevec University Hospital Motol, Prague, Czech republic

The presentation gives emphasize on development of Czech oncology pharmacy. Last ten years are taken into consideration. Current state is discussed. Near future is highlighted. Informal announcement of international meetings that will be held in Prague is shown.

National regulations dealed with daily practice in oncology pharmacy are envisaged with EU-wide valid norms. Classification of clean room areas, comparison of isolators and biohazard boxes is closely analysed. By keeping eye on dual safety – product and personnel – pros and cons of technical equipment are put on the scales.

New approach - closed systems - avoids contamination being born, confirms well-known statement about prevention better than cure.

Two projects, first European SafeChemo, second czech Cyto are mentioned. Goals of SafeChemo are discussed, advantages of robot compounding as well as unanswered query are described. The first phase of Cyto project – chosen cytotoxic substances characterization and subsequent phase - planning contamination and exposure testing - are presented.

Key words:
zech oncology pharmacy, international meetings, national regulations, EU norms, isolator, biohazard box, dual safety, closed systems, Safechemo, robot compounding, Cyto.

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