Collaborative design of a self-assessment tool for the advanced therapy medicinal product circuit

6 October 2023

W Baudras - ANAP

Advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMP) represent a new category of medicines that is revolutionizing the management of many pathologies. The May 21, 2019 decree on hospital pharmacies includes ATMPs among the high-risk activities subject to authorization by Regional Health Agencies. As a result, and due to their many specific features (sterile drugs, cryogenic storage, autologous use, etc.), these ATMPs come under a particular circuit that requires robust logistics combined with pharmaceutical rigor. In this context, the creation of a simple, ergonomic tool, enabling monitoring and comparison between hospital sites, as well as the development of action plans and qualitative indicators, is necessary for pharmacists in healthcare establishments.

Contributors : Dr Isabelle Madelaine ; Dr Romain de Jorna ; Dr Guillaume Cohet ; Pr Sylvie Crauste-Manciet ; Pr Muriel Carvalho ; Dr Laurence Escalup ; Dr Laura Kramer ; Dr Adeline Quintard ; Dr Bertrand Pourroy ; Dr Pauline Gueneau ; Maxime Berquier ; Damien Lacroix ; Dr Céline Le Deroff-Poupeau ; Dr Claude Bernard ; Dr Hélène Eychenie

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