Assessment of the installation of a digital video control for standard and experimental anticancer injectable preparations

23 November 2020

E.Wolff, C.Spinau, S.Himoudi, C.Roumiguie, T.Boileau, A. Grand, S.Perriat, F. Puisset, C.Guillemot Institut Universitaire du Cancer 1, avenue Irène Joliot-Curie 31100 Toulouse, France

On 2016, a feasibility study for the installation of a digital video control (DVC) for standard injectable anticancer drug peparations (SAIP) and for injectable anticancer drugs preparations in Clinical trials ( AIPCT) was performed. The average preparation duration without DVC was 3min20s for SAIP. The average preparation and control duration of AIPCT was 12min15s. According the simulations, 93% of SAIP and 74% of AIPCT could be controlled adding only a minute on preparation time.
DVC seemed more exhaustive and cheeper than analytic control and so was choosed to be implemented in current practice .
Four year after the first installation, exhaustivity and impact of DVC was assessed.

Data from January 1th to May 31th , 2020 of DRUGCAM® CONTROL and CHIMIO® was extracted
in order to evaluate for SAIP and AIPCT :

  • The percentage of preparation controlled by DVC regarding all SAIP and AIPCT.
  • The average preparation duration for preparation controlled by DRUGCAM®
  • The percentage of controlled preparations of which, at least one step is not recognized by DRUGCAM ASSIST® called « orange preparations »
  • The average control duration of orange preparations was obtained by timing.

53% of the SAIP (42570 in total) and 76% of AIPCT (3360 in total) were controlled by DVC DRUGCAM® .
The average preparation durations are 2min34s and 4 min 27 s for SAIP and AIPCT respectively. The percentages of orange preparations are 23% of the SAIP and 100% of the AIPCT.
The average control duration for orange preparation by a pharmacist is under 50s.

Since 2016, the quality of SAIP and AIPCT was improved by DVC DRUGCAM® without major impact of the preparation duration.
The percentage of SAIP controlled by DVC remains below the set target due difficulties with some preparations (powder, colored solution).
Experimental drug vials (study name; batch) was not recognized by DVC DRUGCAM® so it remains a double visual control AIPCT but the control with DVC stay faster than 2016.
The improvement of various functionalities of CVN DRUGCAM® remains essential for the scaling up and optimization of this control of standard and experimental injectable anticancer preparations.
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