Assessment of a continuous education training tool for hospital technicians working in grade A controlled areas

7 October 2016

M. Teytaud1, A. Colombe1, B. Raspaud1, A. Jourand1, D. Breilh1,2, S. Crauste-Manciet1,3 1 Pharmaceutical Technology Department, Bordeaux university hospital (CHU de Bordeaux), France
2 Laboratoire de Pharmacocinétique et de Pharmacie Clinique - Groupe PK/PD INSERM U1034
3 ARNA ChemBioPharm U1212 INSERM - UMR 5320 CNRS Bordeaux University, France

As stated in good manufacturing practices, hospital pharmacy technicians working in sterile drug production department (SDPD) must be qualified and regularly trained. However, the lack of time and human resources limits implementation of the follow-up training program. The aim was to purpose a low time consuming training, to assess knowledge improvement and to validate training tools. A training tool as slideshow and films was developed and presented to four technicians randomly selected who worked from one to more than three years in SDPD.
Various topics were discussed: contamination risks in controlled areas, hygiene measures and clothing procedures in controlled areas, environment requirements for aseptic process and facilities used for aseptic process.
To assess this tool, a QUIZ exploring all these topics was completed before and after training by technicians. Moreover, technicians were asked to answer a survey of six semi-opened questions on duration, usefulness of training content and training tools.

The presentation lasted on average 40 minutes.

According to the satisfaction survey, the positive aspects of this training were: the little time consuming, and the usefulness of training content. However, all technicians regret the lack of practical session.

Despite the small sample of technicians assessed, this study demonstrated that low time consuming training was satisfactory and useful for continuous education of technicians. According to satisfaction survey results the tool will be improved by adding new topics (handling, chemotherapy regimen, …) and exercises simulated, in order to develop an effective tool which could be used for the entire staff.

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