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Niklas Sandler PhD Pharm, Associate Professor (at University of Helsinki Åbo Akademi University, Finland), Chief Technology Officer & Founder at CurifyLabs.


The objective and content of the presentation :

The lecture dives into the integration of 3D printing technologies in pharmacies and hospital pharmacies. The aim of the talk is to cover the current landscape, challenges, opportunities, and future prospects associated with the utilization of 3D printing for crafting patient-specific pharmaceutical preparations and automating current manual methods used in compounding or extemporaneous drug manufacturing in pharmacies.
1. Introduction to 3D Printing in Pharmacy : Understand the fundamental concepts of 3D printing and its application potential in the pharmacy and hospital settings.
2. Awareness of Current Applications including User Cases from the field : Participants will gain insights into the present-day applications of 3D printing within pharmaceutical and hospital environments. This will encompass the creation of customized dosage forms, accurate dosing of medicines and integrated quality control approaches.
3. Understanding Patient-Tailored Preparations : Attendees will develop a clear understanding of the significance and benefits of patient-tailored pharmaceutical preparations made with 3D printing technologies and implementation of integrated quality control tools for controlling e.g. mass variation and content uniformity. This involves tailoring dosages, formulations, and delivery methods to individual patient needs, leading to enhanced therapeutic outcomes.
4. Exploration of Regulatory Challenges : The lecture will address the existing regulatory landscape and challenges associated with the adoption of 3D printing technologies in healthcare. Participants will learn about the efforts being made to ensure safety, efficacy, and quality in the production of 3D-printed medical products.
5. Insight into Future Trends : The lecture will provide a forward-looking perspective, discussing potential future trends in the field of 3D printing for pharmacy preparations and implementation examples. This includes advancements in materials, printing techniques, automation, and their impact on patient care.

By the end of this lecture, hospital pharmacists will be equipped with the knowledge needed to critically evaluate the integration of 3D printing technologies and implementation of quality control tools into their pharmacy practices, enabling them to contribute to automation of manufacturing processes, improved patient safety, outcomes and modern personalized healthcare solutions.

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