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Hospital Pharmacists, University teachers, research workers decided the creation of GERPAC in 1998 from the “Isolators Users Club in Hospital Pharmacy”.

The purpose of the GERPAC association is to promote the techniques and skills needed for the development of biological and physico-chemical protection in the hospital pharmaceutical environment where toxic drugs are prepared.

Several scientific congresses have already allowed hospital pharmacists to share experience with users in different activity area such as university research centres, clinical wards or pharmaceutical industry. The content these days is available in the Conference archives.

In addition, GERPAC also covers procedures for the preparation of sterile and non-sterile medications through various pharmaceutical forms (injectable forms, oral forms - both dry and liquid - and forms for local administration).

In this perspective, GERPAC intervenes in the training of pharmaceutical staff and intends to provide a training and information platform (http://gerpac.net/platforme) with E-learning (training oriented Quiz space) and Documents space.

Association Loi 1901
Siège social : chez Jean-Yves Jomier / 8ter rue Léon Bussat, 64000 PAU
Immatriculation formation N° 72 64 035 30 64