Determination of a pertinent activity indicator for preparation in a hospital pharmacy

S. Maier1, C. Malbranche2, D. Jacob3, I. Roland4 1 Pharmacie CHUV, Lausanne, Suisse
2 Pôle pharmaceutique, CHU, Dijon, France
3 Pharmacie, Centre Hospitalier, Nevers, France
4 Pharmacie, CHU, Liège, Belgique

The value of the overall preparation activity in a hospital pharmacy is generally determined according to the number of units produced per unit of time. Given the extraordinary variability in terms of types of preparation, of the steps required and of the complexity of handling, the number of units produced per unit of time is perhaps not the most pertinent activity indicator (AI). The aim of this work is to draft and validate an AI integrating the quantitative, technical and time factors of preparations to obtain an objective valuation of the activity in pharmaceutical technology.

Using a score grid established by brainstorming, a preparation indicator (PI) was calculated for each formulation made. Each stage of the manufacturing process of the preparations was associated with a variability criterion, weighted according to the difficulty and time required for completion of that stage. The PI is specific for each formulation and corresponds to the sum of the variability criteria included. The sum of the PIs for a given period gives the AI of a production unit.

The score grid was tested by 3 hospital institutions in 3 different countries. This work tool is easy to use, flexible, representative of the complexity of the activity and applicable in all pharmaceutical technology units. It makes it possible to identify the preparations with the greatest impact on the AI and should help to improve the processes and open up the prospect of alternatives such as outsourcing, automation, etc. It makes it possible to evidence the profiles of different institutions and facilitates inter-side benchmarking and planning of resources.

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